Chi-won Han

Patent Attorney
Chief Managing Partner
at IPS Intellectual Property Law Firm

Education & Professional Expertise
• Kyungpook University, B.A. in Architectural engineering in 2003
• Hanyang University, M.A. in Electronic engineering in 2007
• Admitted to the 41th national patent bar in 2004

• Mechanical engineering
• Automobile engineering
• Aerospace engineering
• Architectural engineering
• Electrical Electronics
• Information-Communication

Professional Experience
• C&S Patent Law Firm (2006 through 2008)
• H&H International Patent Law Firm (2008 through 2014)
• IPS Intellectual Property Law Firm(since 2014)

• Securing Project of IP [Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, (2005~2009)
• Securing Project of IP[KAIST] (2010~2013)

• IP Licensing Preparation and Negotiation
• IP-R&D strategy on high-tech components and materials(2012~2014)
  - Supporting project for International patent Dispute
  - Analysis project for IP Risk
  - High-Tech IP R&D

All services for conducting patent search, preparing and filing written argument and appeals, and infringement litigation

• Notification of Reasons for Refusal
• Invalidation Trials
• Trial to Confirm Scope of Patent Right
• Consultation (Licensing, IP managing, Negotiation etc.)
• Patent infringement analysis

Admission and Membership
• Korean Patent Attorneys Association(KPAA)

• Korean
• English
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